Personalise bee card 2

This is ready to be personalised with a name or phrase, this card has some lovely wooden flowers on

Personalised bee card

This card has a lovely space for personalising with a name or phrase

Beautiful cats and butterflies

Lovely card with pink butterflies being looked upon by a cat

Owls in tree
Positivity Card

Never Stop Being you

Orange cats
Buzzing bees 1

This is the first in my bee range, a really happy card

Cats and Hearts

This comes as an individual card but can also be ordered as a pack, the hearts will be made using different patterns

Felix cats

A multipack of lovely 'Felix' styled cat cards these come in different designs, you can have one or buy a pack Please contact me

Rainbow cards pack

A multipack of lovely rainbow cards made using foam cut outs

Dog hearts

You can order these in packs and they come with lots of different background shades

Cat hearts

These come in packs and you will get different colours in the background

Pink Fairy
Golden elephant
New Baby
Meow woof
Love cats
Birthday 1
Birthday 2
Buzzing Bees 2

My second bee card with 3 buzzing bees

Birthday beer
Birthday wine
Cats and butterflies

Choose either this one or order yourself a selection of different colours of butterflies Just over 5 inches square £2.75

Welsh Dragon

I do these cards in different styles and can make you a whole pack

Christmas cards, mutipack

Please order from my Etsy store, there are more images for you to look at, this is a lovely selection of small handmade Christmas cards with cats and dogs

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