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I am a mum of 3  who has always loved making things and from a young age I started cross stitching and making other textiles. I had to have a career change after the birth of my 3rd child so I decided to follow my dream of crafting. I know that there are lots of people out there doing these things however for me it is more that just making cards, its about creating beautiful things and yellowness and smiling. I take a lot of time over each card and  I will only sell things that I know are very special. The cards are made to last.

 My cards are made with love and it takes hours to perfect my designs. I love making cards that your can feel. I am quite happy to handcraft you a bespoke card if you contact me with what you would like. I do a few multipacks, usually around themed times of year like Easter and Christmas I love the colour yellow, which you may have noticed, and this often sneaks into my cards. There is not enough yellow in the world so I'm spreading it around.

I try to get my materials locally where I can and I do believe in supporting other small businesses. 

Please have a look at my wonderful things and make someone smile 



Youngest trouble maker

What can I say, she stops me from working by sitting on the table or trying to put her hands on all my things. I have a 1hour nap window and evenings. I wouldn't change it for anything



I'm hiding behing number 2

I don't really like taking my picture so this might be all you ever see. I might put a few images if I start a blog. So i'm hiding behind my second child who has no interest in anything arty but love him all the same.

My eldest loves to help make cards 

My eldest loves crafts and is always trying to help. Lots of my time is taken up by showing him how to do things. He desperately wants to sell his cards. I might do a bucket full of them to see if anyone wants cards for kids by kids.

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